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#title(Build Blockly-Games for Window: 日本語付き)
#title(Build Blockly-Games on Window: 日本語付き)

This instruction is how to install and build Blockly-Games on Windows with Japanese coments.

このドキュメントでは、 WindowsでBlockly-Gamesを導入/構築する方法を説明します。





* Dependencies 必要なもの [#vec6d812]

- Git : for download source-code.
- Cygwin
-- include Python 2.7
-- Add "Devel" - "make"
-- Add "Devel" - "git-svn"
- JDK(Java SE Development Kit) :
-- Set the environment variables for Windows : Windowsの環境変数を設定する
-- JAVA_HOME : (JDK Path)
-- path : (JDK Path)\bin
- Apache Ant :
-- Set the environment variables for Windows: Windowsの環境変数を設定する
-- JAVA_HOME : (ANT Path)
-- path : (ANT Path)\bin

* Download [#u8d30b6f]

Download source of Blockly-Games. ソースコードをダウンロードします。

- git clone

* Edit Makefile [#yb30934f]

change path from googlecode to github.


 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/core
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/blocks
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/generators
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/msg-js


 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/core
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/blocks
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/generators
 svn checkout $(JS_READ_ONLY)/blockly/msg-js

* Build ビルド [#e5319b98]

Run these commands on Cygwin.

** 1.Build deps [#k5a1a5ee]

 cd blockly-games/
 make deps

** 2.edit build.xml [#zfbfbee7]

If this works, great! But it will probably die with this error: もしも、こんなエラーが出たら

 [javac] Compiling 375 source files to...

In this case you need to edit closure-templates-read-only/build.xm , and replace some text like this.


 "1.6" -> "1.7"

It is depend JDK version, maybe.


and run "make deps" again.

** 3.Build English [#l5b9e1d6]

 make en

** Option. Build all Languages [#s4a94d1f]

Need many hours.

 make languages

** Option. Build one Game [#fed6e217]

 make index-en
 make puzzle-en
 make maze-en
 make bird-en
 make turtle-en
 make movie-en
 make pond-docs-en
 make pond-basic-en
 make pond-advanced-en

* Test Locally : 動作確認 [#x79f2881]

  Open blockly-games/appengine/index.html?lang=en

* Reference : 参考 [#d1a23dd0]


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